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City Road

Available from 20 October 2020 until 30 November 2020

Discover Marrakech with Pikala, which uses bicycle to educate and employ the local youth. By training local girls and boys to become professional bicycle tour guide. They provides them with an extra income and a training in bicycle mechanics.

And if you want to know more about this concept click here.

Therefore, If you’re looking to enjoy the ocher city responsibly and with an environment friendly concept you can book :

– “Marrakech with Family”:

In this bicycle tour, our non profit Pikala, gives you the experience to discover Marrakech in a different way. We train Moroccan youth to give you more insight in the Moroccan daily life and real Moroccan Culture. You will cycle through different neighborhoods of Marrakech like the historical city centre Medina and the new town Gueliz.

On our way we will pass some of the city’s highlight like the Koutoubia, the Kasbah and the Agdal gardens, but even more important is to take you to parts of the city where you wouldn’t normally go.

You will visit a public bakery and the traditional bathhouse called the Hammam. We will make a stop in the cultural Cafe Clock (juice and sweets are included in the tour), visit the enormous second hand market as well as the Zaouia de Sidi Bel Abbès one of the seven Saints of Marrakech. The youth that we train will give you more explanation about growing up in Morocco, the importance of the family and how to deal with religion and modernisation.

The tour is a cultural and personal introduction to get a better understanding of Moroccan life.

Last but not least, it’s fun!

– “Escape Marrakech”:

In this experience the participants will get the chance to cycle with our professional youngsters in both the calm and quiet streets of the old medina and outside the city wall of Marrakech.

They will learn about Marrakech’s fauna and flora, the hidden gardens, the house of the first lady who translated the Coran into French, a symbolic place that shows coexistence between the religions in the city.

We will visit also a mysterious store called the cave of Nomads treasures. We offer a special bike type for this experience which is Tandems a walkie talkies vehicle that can perfectly fit for you and your friend or yourpartner, because you sit close and it is easy to talk while riding.

Moreover, it provides a fun, active and adventuress way to explore the city. The back seat is super relaxing and comfortable and you have all the time to look around.
Riding a tandem is a unique experience. And what could be a better place to have a ride on a tandem than in Marrakech?

information and reservations

This experience is available from Monday to Sunday

It is recommended to book a day in advance at this adresse :




  • Offer Terms & Conditions

    Product#1 City Cultural Family Tour:

    145MAD per person, including: Guide, bike, Water, fruit, Juices and Moroccan Pastries in Cafe Clock and the entrance to the visited places ( Public bakery, Public Hammam).

    * To transfer the bikes to the hotel with the guide we add 80 MAD on the total (for people from 2 to 4).

    Product#2 Escape Marrakech:

    120 MAD including: (Guide, Bike, water and fruit). excluding costs the picnic food and gardens entrance.

    * To transfer the bikes to the hotel with the guide we add 80 MAD on the total (for people from 2 to 4).

    *This activity is primarily made to be performed with Tandems. But since Pikala is very flexible, we are happy to provide the other types of bikes (City bike & VTT) for the participants who cannot ride a Tandem.

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