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Le Jardin The Restaurant

The Restaurant

A relaxed garden-terrace where you can savor the flavors from here and elsewhere during your breakfasts. Le Jardin regularly offers buffet lunches that will delight your taste buds.

Discover a parade of delicate and new flavors for business meetings, moments with friends, or passionate moments in the elegant conviviality of the garden.

For every occasion, either you choose the discreet privacy of the upper part of the restaurant or the soft light of the winter garden.

And since we are in the city of sunny days enjoy the unique charm of the patio. In the heart of Marrakech, between Jamaa Fna square and the city center, the garden offers you an amazing feeling of well-being and escape. Fruit trees, abundant flowers, the shade of palm trees, the murmur of birds … time suspends its course.

The menu is signed by our Chef Ahmed ed defaa.

Information and Reservations : 

The Restaurant Le Jardin is open for lunch every day

From 7 to 10 am for breakfast

From 1 to 3 pm for Lunch

Click here to contact us for a reservation.

The chef

Here, we offer you a culinary journey between tastes, spices and cultures. A friendly but chic cuisine.

Inspired by world cuisine, Chef Ahmed dares to combine traditional Moroccan cuisine with Western flavours.
In constant search of novelty, the dishes are elaborated in order to surprise and impress the taste buds.
His numerous trips and gastronomic encounters have allowed him to discover new cuisines and cultures that he integrates daily into his dishes.

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