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5 tips to get as close as possible to art in the ocher city

Art is a pillar in the beautiful city of Marrakech, we have seen the development of contemporary art as well as abstract art, which for many years has made it a true cultural El Dorado which continues to grow.

1.Find out what type of artwork interests you:

Morocco has many strengths when it comes to the art market. Orientalism and recently African contemporary art are sold there. Between photographs, conceptual art, contemporary art … knowing your style is important to guide your stroll through the galleries in Marrakech.

2. Make your selection among the must-see museums and galleries:

                                                                                                                            ©Fondation Jardin Majorelle

Le Comptoir des mines: the landmark of contemporary art, the Comptoir des Mines collaborates with talented Moroccan artists.

Dar el Bacha Gallery: an exhibition of photographic works, mainly by Moroccan artists.

Qoubba Galerie: description of Morocco through their works and welcoming a selection of more than 62 artists.

David Bloch Gallery: contemporary art exhibition, in a neutral and refined style with the artist notably Sebastien Preschoux, Larbi Cherkaoui, and REMED.

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum: which is no longer on display, combines must-see exhibitions by Yves Saint Laurent and temporary exhibitions designed as a showcase for fashion, art, and contemporary creation. As well as botany with its famous Majorelle Garden.

The Design & Co by Bruno Gallery: a collection of furniture, sculptures, photographs, paintings and other design objects, notably by several Moroccan artists.

                                                                                                                                              ©Le Jardin Secret

3. Stroll through the streets of the city and discover many incredible street arts all over the medina:

Indeed, art is also found in the streets of Marrakech where you can admire the atypical works of born artists. The district of Guéliz, avenue Victor Hugo, is also famous for its artistic tree path. Rather than pulling up dead trees, artists carved, painted, and decorated them in a modern and classic way.

A very nice walk to go on.

4. Take an interest in the artist:

Many artists bring the city of Marrakech to life.

Are you interested in their work, what is their artistic approach? What are the exhibitions in which they will participate, in what way has Morocco participated in the development of their art?

The Galerie D&CO brilliantly takes up the challenge and has chosen the Kibari brothers, Aziz and Abdel, rising stars of art in Morocco and artists recognized on the international scene.
Just like Larbi Cherkaoui, Fatiha Zemmouri, and Mourabiti, not to mention Sébastien Royez, who does us the honor of exhibiting his paintings in modern technique and raw colors in our Art lounge.

Another artist also tells us about his greatness through his works, it is the painter and sculptor Mahi Binebine, his exhibition will take place from December 26 to February 27 at the Comptoir des Mines and it is an event not to be missed. to fail.

5. Don’t forget the foundations and gardens, this is a must-do!

                                                                                                                 ©Montresso* Art Foundation

First of all, the famous Montresso Foundation, a true artistic Eden.

The Montresso Foundation’s priority is to support creation and diversity in order to participate in the artistic development of Marrakech. It also aims to build new spaces in 2021, in order to complete the project, which already covers 11 hectares.

Combining architecture, sculptures, and sunny spaces, the Red Garden welcomes us before entering this veritable living museum and has supported the research of international artists for 10 years now.

Since its creation, it has hosted nearly 60 regular artists, and their works are exhibited at events at the Espace Montres.

                                                                                                                                        ©Anima Garden

If you want to travel through your tours then this is the Anima Garden for you to visit.

Garden and open-air museum in Marrakech of several hectares created by the artist André Heller, the Anima garden honors the artistic world all year round thanks to exhibitions by foreign artists, avant-garde Moroccan, and from various backgrounds.

A magical place that will allow you to relax in a paradisiacal setting that will amaze you thanks to the works of Picasso, Haring, Rodin, and more …

  • 5-tips-to-get-as-close-as-possible-to-art-in-the-ocher-city
  • 5-tips-to-get-as-close-as-possible-to-art-in-the-ocher-city
  • 5-tips-to-get-as-close-as-possible-to-art-in-the-ocher-city
  • 5-tips-to-get-as-close-as-possible-to-art-in-the-ocher-city
  • 5-tips-to-get-as-close-as-possible-to-art-in-the-ocher-city
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